Commencement 2024

Beirut Checklist: Architecture & Design | Arts & Sciences

LAU provides accommodations for students and guests with physical disabilities on the day of the commencement ceremony. Please submit your request by email or by phone:  +961 1 786456 ext. 1132 at least two weeks prior to the ceremony. We do not provide wheelchairs, so make sure to secure one, if needed.

The LAU ID is obligatory for all the steps. If you don’t have an LAU ID, please request your complimentary alumni ID as per Step 1. 

Step 1. Request Your Complimentary Alumni ID

Graduating students who would like to request a complimentary alumni ID, may kindly do so as follows:

For matters related to the Complimentary Alumni ID 
Alumni Office, Beirut, +961 1 786456, ext. 1136

Step 2. Fill Out The Exit Survey

The Exit Survey will be sent to your LAU email starting May 21. This is a mandatory step for you to be able to pick up your cap & gown and request your invitation tickets. The deadline to fill out the survey is June 13. 

Please make sure to check your LAU email to access the survey as follows: 

For technical issues related to the Exit Survey

Department of Institutional Research & Assessment, +961 1 786456, ext. 3906/2338, or 

Step 3. Pick Up Your Cap & Gown

Graduates of summer 2023 and fall 2023: After you fill out the Exit Survey, you need to pass by the Business Office to pay a deposit of $100. Then, you need to present the deposit receipt as well as your LAU ID to pick up your cap & gown. You will collect back the deposit from the Business Office once you return the complete cap & gown set, by the deadline. Make sure to keep the receipt. 

Graduates of spring 2024: After you fill out the Exit Survey, present your LAU ID to pick up the cap & gown. A hold will be placed on your records until you return the complete cap & gown set, by the deadline.

Pick up your cap & gown: All graduates

Important note:

If you fail to return the cap & gown, tassel, hood (graduates) and collar (females) complete or by the deadline, you will be asked to pay a penalty and the cost of the missing item(s). Please refer to Step 7.

For matters related to Cap & Gown
Hospitality Services Office, Beirut, +961 1 786456, ext. 1131

Step 4. Request Your Invitation Tickets

After you complete steps 2 and 3, you can proceed to request your invitation tickets. You are eligible for 2 tickets.

N.B. These codes should NOT be transferred or shared EXCEPT with YOUR listed invitees. Sharing the codes with anyone else will jeopardize your invitee’s access to the commencement ceremony.

For any inquiries, kindly contact Ms. Riman Jurdak at the Office of the Dean of Students.

Step 5. Attend The Mandatory Rehearsal

Students who will not participate in the rehearsal will not be allowed to march during commencement. 

For matters related to rehearsals, graduation, eligibility, and diploma 
Registrar’s Office, Beirut, +961 1 786456, ext. 1604

Step 6. March On Commencement Day 

The LAU ID/ alumni ID is obligatory to enter the campus.

June 14: Commencement Day. 

Parents, friends, and guests need to present the invitation card (QR Code) to enter the campus.

The ceremony will be broadcast live starting 8:00 pm 

Step 7. Return The Cap & Gown

Important notes:

For matters related to Cap & Gown
Hospitality Services Office, Beirut, +961 1 786456, ext. 1131

Step 8. Request Your Diploma, Certificate, Or Transcript

If you haven’t done so yet, request a diploma, certificate and transcript.

Got questions?

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